The Birth of Portland Pudge

July 15, 2011

I thought I was moving to Portland for the summer to experience the city.  I quickly discovered that I will be steadfastly dedicating my time to eating.  And eating.  And maybe taking sugar-coma-induced naps.

So for those of you who want to know what I’m up to and how my days are going, this blog will provide you with the most relevant info: what new delicacies I’ve been scarfing.

Hopefully this blog will also help fill in some of the gaps in digital documentation of the overwhelming options for vegan food in portland.  At the end of the summer i’ll release my top 10/vegan bucket list.


2 Responses to “The Birth of Portland Pudge”

  1. Michelle said


    I hear vegan food travels really well in the mail.

    : ) : )

  2. Judith said

    Yay! I’m moving to pdx soon so I look forward to hearing about your discoveries!

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