Vive la Cité des Anges!

September 8, 2011

Sorry, Portland, but I gotta rep another city.

While visiting my family in Los Angeles, I discovered just how far we’ve come.  There is no surer proof of the evolution of vegan cuisine than: the vegan croissant.

Mind you, I am not simply talking about any old crescent-shaped French flaky delicacy.  Oh, no.  It goes far beyond that.  I am talking about three separate croissant-based meals.

1. Ham and cheeze croissant from Doomie’s Home Cookin

I thought I would never again get to experience the greasy grotesque joy of meaty & cheesy filled pastries.  Thankfully, Doomie’s came along to fill all the junk-food shaped holes in my life.  Fried chicken, shrimp scallopini, clam chowder – it’s all waiting for you on Vine Street.

2. Pesto Avocado Croissant Sandwich from Sage Vegan Bistro

Oh yes, my friends: Breaded seitan, tempeh bacon, avocado, arugula, heirloom tomato, red onion, pesto, garlic aioli on a double decker toasted croissant.  With some kickass potato salad too, just for the hell of it.

3. Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding from Doomie’s

Sorry, I’m lacking a picture.  While this bread pudding wasn’t the best I’ve had, it smothered in minty chocolateyness, and, most importantly, it made possible the #vegancroissanttrifecta.


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