Kitchen Dances

October 4, 2011

My preferred kitchen dances have disco balls and tasteful nudity, but the Kitchen Dance I experienced on Belmont was more of a slow waltz.

I tried the raw golden beet ravioli, and my beau got the breakfast burrito.

The ravioli were delectable.  Light and refreshing, they were perfect for a warm summer day.  Definitely worth trying, especially if you’re unfamiliar with raw food.  However, you might be hungry again by the time you ride your bike home.

The breakfast burrito tasted healthy, which is to say fresh but lackluster.  When I want healthy food (read: my stomach refuses to accept any more soy curls and deep fried oreos), I usually make it at home to save money; Kitchen Dances isn’t at the top of my go-to list.

Disclaimer: I did not get to try the walnut tacos or the reuben, which seem to be crowd favorites.


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