Fun Cone Foods!

September 28, 2011

Alright, I know I’m being an unfaithful hussy, but I’m going to rep some more non-PDX Pudge.  [Full disclosure]: I am no longer actually in Portland.  But never fear!  I still have tons of actual Portland restaurant reviews in the works.

In the meantime, I’m trying to find solace in the relatively-paltry veg offerings of other cities.  The closest I’ve come in Berkeley so far is… Rawdaddy’s Fun Cone Foods!

Have you been craving a savory raw cone full of sandwich fillings?

Neither had I… until I tried Rawdaddy’s!

I stumbled upon them at the Berkeley Saturday Farmer’s Market.  I’m usually not big on raw food (raw pizza is just not pizza, even if it costs $15. come on.), but I was drawn by the novelty.  Savory food in cone form?  Why not!

Once I got up to the stand and saw the incredible flavors, prices (only $5!) and free samples, I was hooked.  I tried the:

 Forest and Earth Mushroom Polenta : Filled with layers of freshly made corn polenta and a rich composition of portabella, oyster, and brown mushrooms, raw-simmered in our white truffle oil and smoked sea salt marinade. Drizzled with a counterpoint of our zesty mustard vinaigrette.

And the Reuben cone.  Sadly, they don’t have a description of this one on their website, but suffice to say it was every bit as filled with amazing delicious gourmet ingredients as the Mushroom cone.  It was one of the best vegan reubens I’ve ever had, and I could eat it while walking without making a sauerkrauty mess of myself!

And holy shit look at one of their many sweet cones:

Pilgrims’ Cream Cone: Made with a delicious mix of maple cream, organic carrots, cashews, and raw extra virgin coconut oil with candied pecans. Tastes just like pumpkin pie.

They’re at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market every Saturday, but if you can’t wait that long (I know I can’t – let’s carpool), they’re also in Santa Cruz on Wednesdays and Palo Alto on Sundays.

From Rawdaddy's website